VB.NET - Writing to the client harddisk some information in text or xml format from a web page

Asked By Fazal Rehman on 05-Jul-14 01:30 AM
I have developed a web site for my company for intranet. This site issues tools to the working personnel. My requirement is that when ever one tool is issues to any person, the record should also be saved on the client PC as well in text or xml format.

I am unable to find any code that could access the client hard disk. can any body solve this problem.
Robbe Morris replied to Fazal Rehman on 05-Jul-14 09:08 AM
Your only option is to create an ActiveX control and go through hell getting all of the security trust issues resolved.  Other than that, browser security prevents access to disk.

To save it to disk requires their manual interaction.  Launch your xml in a popup browser window and they can use the File Menu/Save option to save it to disk themselves.

The better option is to save this stuff to the database.