ASP.NET - Query string - Asked By karur krishna madhu on 10-Jul-14 02:09 AM

  <li runat="server" id="liReleaseHeldComm" visible="true"><a href="reproc_quekey_comm.aspx?exch_key=BYPASSUP">
                    <asp:Literal ID="Literal2" runat="server" Text="release held communications" />
                    <em> <asp:Literal ID="Literal12" runat="server" Text="Release a queue key that was previouly held due to an error" /> </em></a></li>

I want to encrypt the href in the above literal. how to do it <a href="reproc_quekey_comm.aspx?exch_key=BYPASSUP">

the exch_key="BYPASSUP" should not be visible in the page url after the page gets redirected.
Sreenath Kalahasti replied to karur krishna madhu on 26-Sep-14 06:51 PM
Karur Krishna Madhu,

You might want to look at Rewrite Maps in IIS. 

Google Search on this topic might help you.