C# .NET - Extending a current return object in a SOAP service

Asked By KC KC on 25-Jul-14 02:15 PM
I have a SOAP service (not WCF) being used by a lot of our clients now. I am trying to add a new field to an existing return object, was wondering how I could avoid breaking my existing clients because of this change. Is there a way of doing this without asking them to accommodate their code for the new field.

Robbe Morris replied to KC KC on 25-Jul-14 03:25 PM
I believe the old SOAP model will simply deserialize the object sent to you in the old format into the new format leaving missing fields null.  Of course, you could put this up in a test environment to confirm.
KC KC replied to Robbe Morris on 25-Jul-14 03:58 PM
I tested it on a .Net client and it simply ignored them, no issues, but my concern is I do not know what platform the users might be using and I am afraid it might not be supported !!