ASP.NET - Can you please suggest App Security standards for JSON based Web site & Mobile App

Asked By avula on 27-Aug-14 10:54 AM
Can you please suggest any possible ways to protect my web site and mobile app.

Actually i have two apps one is web site and another one is mobile app using json web bases requests are handling

i have to protect my web site and mobile app from hackers attack.
Robbe Morris replied to avula on 27-Aug-14 10:57 AM
The web site is a little easier.  One that will help keep most of the "hackers" you refer to away is checking the referrer server side to ensure the JSON/Http request came from your domain.  If not, ignore the request.

You'll also want to use SSL for your web service used by the mobile app.  As for tamper proofing the mobile app, this is the best answer I've seen so far.