Microsoft Excel - conditional average multiple indirects

Asked By Ewa P on 28-Aug-14 08:32 AM

please ignore: its sorted now :)

old post:
I'm not even sure how to even describe the problem and I can not upload the file :(.
I need to average values from column RH on another sheet (indirect($o5$), the average needs to be based on if formula (if value in column indirected by G7 match values cell f7 and in column D3:D274 are not blank.
it would be something like that but i cna nto get it to work :(


Thank you

Harry Boughen replied to Ewa P on 28-Aug-14 04:42 PM
Hello Ewa,
Is this a question or not?
Ewa P replied to Harry Boughen on 29-Aug-14 03:34 AM
no, thank you. managed to find the way to do it pretty soon afetr i posted the question, can not delete it thou, sorry