Windows 7 - Out of memory - Asked By Riyaj Chabru on 02-Sep-14 08:00 AM

I have vb application installed in my machine and i have Windows 7 Operating system. When i am trying to run this application it is showing me "Out of memory" error.

Kindly help me on this issue. How i can resolve such issue ?

Robbe Morris replied to Riyaj Chabru on 02-Sep-14 08:01 AM
Is this your code or a third party application?  If it is a third party application, it could be any one of a thousand different reasons.  Typically, this occurs when the app is caught in a loop trying to do something.  Or the app is infected with a virus.
Ravinder Jamgotre replied to Riyaj Chabru on 11-May-16 06:28 AM
Hi it could due to one specific dll of this project is missing in this particular machine. try placing and registered the dll