SQL Server - Insert trigger does not fire when records are imported through import/export data wizard.

Asked By Aryan Bhatt on 02-Sep-14 11:51 AM
I have a trigger on one of my tables. The trigger inserts the same rows into another audit table when any new rows are inserted into the table on which the trigger is written.

The trigger works fine if I do any insert operation using a SQL query.
However, if I do any inserts into the table using the Import & Export data wizard, the trigger does not fire.
How do i make the trigger fire when new rows are inserted using the Import & Export data wizard as well?
Robbe Morris replied to Aryan Bhatt on 02-Sep-14 11:54 AM
By default, triggers are disabled.  You'll need to run it with the FIRE_TRIGGERS option enabled.  Not sure what version of SQL Server you are using but their should be some sort of advanced options tab or screen in Management Studio that lets you set this.