C# .NET - Performance Comparison of WCF Service Vs. Calling Console application instances

Asked By Amit Choudhary on 04-Sep-14 11:59 AM
We are designing a solution where we need to execute a process as an automate.
We will be executing it for multiple times for different clients in parallel mode.
We see 2 approaches,
-one is we make one console application and call it with the help of scheduler 
- second one is we make one service and with the help of scheduler we will be calling it multiple times.

Please suggest pros and cons for both.

Robbe Morris replied to Amit Choudhary on 04-Sep-14 12:01 PM
How do you intend call a wcf service method via a scheduler without some sort of client console app to call the service?

Option #1 will be the easiest to maintain and offload to your tech support team when adjustments to when jobs are to be run needs to be made.

Option #2 doesn't present any obvious advantages.