C# .NET - AJAX ModalPopup - Asked By Henry Taylor on 27-Oct-14 09:38 AM

I have been trying to get the <ajax:ModalPopupExtender to work but have had little success.

I can get it to come up but the code behind continues to run and takes over.

On successful login before redirecting to the web site I need for the system to check and see if the user needs to update a certain questionnaire.  If there questionnaire is outdated I need a popup to display and ask them to fill it out. They have the choice of accepting or declining. If they accept I need to direct them to a different page.

The modal popup does come up but the code behind continues to execute ignoring the modal popup and redirects to the web site.

I could easily do this with an intermediate web page but would rather do it this way.

Am I trying to use this control in a manner that it was not intended to be used?
Robbe Morris replied to Henry Taylor on 27-Oct-14 11:37 AM
The modal pop up happens disconnected in the web browser.  This isn't going to put a stop on server side code behind.