C# .NET - AJAX Popup Control Extender error - Asked By Henry Taylor on 30-Oct-14 12:26 PM

I have used the Popup Control Extender before and had no problems.

I am now unable to get it to work.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'showPopup' of null onmouseover
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'hidePopup' of null onmouseout

Every time I place my mouse over the control that is supposed to open the popup one of these errors appears in the Chrome browser debug window

I have duplicated this code from a web site where it does work but just can't figure this out.

Has anyone seen this?


One thing I noticed is the version of the Ajax Control Toolkit I have used succesfully if
The version in this project is 3.5.xxxx

I updated the dll but when I try to Reference it in my project I get the nasty yellow triangle.  The framework versions between the working site and the non-working site are the same - 3.5.

Perhaps it is the version of the dll but I can't get it to reference the 4.xxx dll
Ramendra Kumar replied to Henry Taylor on 10-Nov-14 12:54 AM
Are you using master page then either change client mode to static or pass clientid of that div or pannel. and one more thing you are using Scriptmanager or toolkit script manager