ASP.NET - DLL references - need to recompile - Asked By Henry Taylor on 14-Nov-14 01:15 PM

I have a solution with several projects ... main, BOL, BLL, DAL etc.

Lets say code in the DAL changes.  I compile the changed project and deploy the new DLL for that project to the web site.

Do the DLLs for the other projects in the solution play well with this new DLL or do all the DLLs for all the projects need to be compiled and deployed as well?
Robbe Morris replied to Henry Taylor on 14-Nov-14 12:10 PM
If the public interfaces are the same and you don't have thing in your code access security configuration (I'm assuming you are not using this at all-default), then yes, the old dlls will use the new one just fine without recompiling the others.