C# .NET - save and retrieve data in grid view c#

Asked By ram chander on 17-Nov-14 12:55 PM
1) In my gridview I have textboxes and file upload controls, now I need to validate the values entered in the textboxes is greater than 0 and enable the fileupload control on text changed event  of textbox.

2)on upload of a document, data entered in textboxes inside gridview are lost. I need to save and retrieve data entered in the textboxes on file upload and other events firing(maintain data till saving to database) textchanged event, rowdatabound events are not firing.
Robbe Morris replied to ram chander on 17-Nov-14 12:56 PM
It is line 403 of the source code you provided just in case our crystal ball readers were experiencing solar flare interference.  I can see the bug quite clearly.