VB.NET - Updating information back in SQL table without Datagrid view

Asked By Tony Reilly-Cooper on 28-Nov-14 08:24 AM
Wonder if someone can help with a coding query. 
I have a Win forms application that connections to an SQL database. A user performs a search for a product in the database and the results are displayed in the datagridview. Then the user can double click on the item and it opens a win forms window with all the information from the datagridview clearly displayed (see below). I am struggling to get my head around being able to save any changes in the winform back to the SQL table. E.g. if I changed the product name and wanted to update its entry in the database? Hope this makes sense, appreciate any help I can get. Cheers

Code to populate the winforms application:
01 Try
02   Dim i As Integer
03   i = DGV_SearchResults.CurrentRow.Index
04   Current_Selected_Product.Show()
05   Current_Selected_Product.cmb_ProductType.SelectedValue = DGV_SearchResults.Item(1, i).Value
06   Current_Selected_Product.txt_ProductAvailablity.Text = DGV_SearchResults.Item(2, i).Value
07   Current_Selected_Product.txt_ProductPriceText = DGV_SearchResults.Item(3, i).Value
08 Catch ex As Exception
09   MsgBox("Error: " & Err.Description, MsgBoxStyle.Critical, Title:="Information Load Error")
10 End Try