SQL Server - Mgmt Studio can't (always) find (localdb)\V11.0

Asked By chaz d'chaz on 10-Feb-17 11:42 AM

VS 2012 uses this thing called (localdb)\v11.0 as, I guess, a sort of SQL Server db "engine". 

Sometimes SQL Server Management Studio cannot see it to connect. Other times it can. I'm trying to iron that out.

This is a corporate environment.  I mention this because when I pull up a CMD prompt, I see the corp shared drive.  However, to my knowledge, the db files reside on C: of the local machine.  Ditto the installations of Mgmt Studio and VS 2012.

I'm a bit lost out here.   Anyone have any clues?

--- nevermind.  the instance was stopped. I started it and achieved happiness.

However, MSFT claims that (localdb)\v11.0 is "started as needed" or something like that.  It is not visible in Configuration Mgr.  Running the VS project that uses it doesn't seem to start it "as needed" as far as Mgmt Studio is concerned.  Weird!  I'm sorry I went this route.