ASP.NET - Push notification in C# web application

Asked By bhanupratap singh on 14-Mar-17 07:46 PM
I want to show a notification to the corresponding user about the message which has been uploaded for that user, real time project. How to achieve this in my web application

Robbe Morris replied to bhanupratap singh on 15-Mar-17 11:27 AM
bhanupratap singh replied to Robbe Morris on 29-Mar-17 01:46 PM
Is it possible to use SignalR without using Jquery ?
I do not have much knowledge of jquery.
Robbe Morris replied to bhanupratap singh on 29-Mar-17 01:49 PM
You do need to include the library but you don't really need to "know" jquery to use SignalR.  There are all sorts of sample applications out there that demonstrate how to use SignalR.