Microsoft Powerpoint - Need VBA code to trigger an animation sequence on a slide, (not assign it to a shape)?

Asked By Tom Hilyer on 25-Apr-17 10:42 AM
I have a slide with a complex animation sequence. I want to be able to trigger the animation sequence through VBA code. Everything I have found either assigns the sequence to a shape that has to be clicked, or creates the animation sequence and then activates it. The coding for creating this sequence would be complicated and long. Is there a way to simply refer to the existing timeline and tell it to "play" with a single line of code?

Robbe Morris replied to Tom Hilyer on 25-Apr-17 11:02 AM
Ugh, PowerPoint has macros but not a macro recorder that I can find.  That's typically what I suggest to people for Excel.  Just turn on the recorder and manually do what you want and then stop it.  It generates the VBA code to do what you did manually.
Tom Hilyer replied to Robbe Morris on 25-Apr-17 12:58 PM
Thanks Robbe, yes I used to use the macro recorder in the past, and I know how to add animations to objects through VBA code, and make them happen. But I can't find anywhere an explanation of how to word the code to start an animation that already exists on a slide without assigning it to a trigger shape.