C# .NET - Is there any way to fix memory leak in WPF ToolKit Data Visualization line chart ?

Asked By Abhishek mr on 14-Apr-18 12:05 PM
I am using WPF Tool Kit  DataVisualization Chart , It has more memory leak in Line series chart.  Its increasing memory when each datapoint plot.  Could you please help me to fix this memory leak.
Robbe Morris replied to Abhishek mr on 15-Apr-18 05:05 PM
I've used this chart and did not notice any memory leaks.  Are you sure you are disposing all objects that implement the IDisposable interface?
Abhishek mr replied to Robbe Morris on 24-Apr-18 07:19 AM
I have verified in Data Visualization tool Kit Source code there is no dispose functions are implemented in that..I am looking for line Chart control in .NET 3.5 framework to plot real time data.