C# .NET - How can I integrate QuickBooks Desktop with WebForms App, ASMX Service and Web Connector?

Asked By Dev WebExa on 02-Oct-18 01:18 AM
Hello Team,

I am just evaluating QuickBooks Desktop as a TRIAL User

I want to integrate QuickBooks Desktop QBW File with my WebForm Application with using of SDK Interop.QBFC13 and develop 1 asmx Service which can be use for Syncing my local database with QuickBooks Desktop... If i make any changes in QuickBooks Desktop in my company qbw file, that changes will automatically sync to my local SQL database with the using of ASMX File and Web Connector, but i don't have much idea on it, that how Web Connector works? If you have any Articles/blogs OR Video Tutorial on it, please can you provide me links of it? Your assist will much helpful to me... I just want to clear my doubts that How Web Connector works? How my ASMX Service will call, How Authentication should be done, right now the sample app in your Article uses QBSessionManager for connection with Company's QBW File, and then it retrieve,add,update data in that QBW File.

you can reach to me directly too for the quick assistance, We can do screen share session too, if you want... Let me know if you need any other details from my side...

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