ASP - fax function for an ASP site - Asked By Alexandra Bayo on 10-May-01 01:17 PM

I need to be able to fax a document created in a word template as a result of an order processed, and I wish to use RightFax.  The RightFax server is running in the same network as the server where the site will be hosted.  How can I invoke it from the site and have it automatically send the recently created word document as an attachment?  Any ideas?

Is RightFax installed on the web server? - Asked By Robbe Morris on 10-May-01 01:45 PM


Faxing - Asked By Alexandra Bayo on 10-May-01 11:50 PM

Right Fax is installed on a separate server (only hosts rightfax) in the same network.

I would think... - Asked By Robbe Morris on 11-May-01 07:38 AM

...that you would need a COM object on the web server to initiate the fax through the fax server.  I haven't used Right Fax but most other fax server software works in this fashion.  What's the url for the product?  I'll try to go out to their site and look up a solution for you today.
fax function for an ASP site - J Sanchez replied to Alexandra Bayo on 18-Jul-14 12:53 PM

Rightfax can use what 'embedded codeds' essentially they are hidded codes in your document. This document can then be emailed as word doc to the fax server. The codes are used to supply cover page, sender, and destination information. Check the Docs for embedded codes.