SQL Server - How do i sort a string in sql procedure

Asked By Abhijit Devale on 23-May-01 02:15 AM
I have created a string in a procedure, that is delimited by semicolan (;). 
e.g.   F430;N000;1184;P260;1;
My requirement is to sort this string alphabetically on the elements so that my string becomes 
Is there a way that I can get this in an array or somthing like that and sort?
I do not want to create temperoty tables as the string length may vary and there is a heavy processing involving 4 while loops. I also want to keep in mind that it has to be fast. 

If anybody is having any solution (may be apart of sql procedure) please let me know.

I think these will get you started... - Asked By Robbe Morris on 23-May-01 08:02 AM

Use the SetToArray, StrToSet, and SetToStr functions. 

Use the "Search" tab in the enterprise manager for examples. 
I don't have any quick samples of my own as a reference for you.  However, 
I believe you can accomplish what you need with these three commands.