ASP - How to make textarea ReadOnly? - Asked By Nevyn Campanella on 19-Jul-14 02:28 AM

 I am writing in a class file for asp. I have a TextArea control and would like to make it read only. Would you tell me how do I do it?

The Control is written as follows:

strControls ="<TEXTAREA NAME=""Notes"" COLS=""40"" ROWS=""5"">" & strSurvey(3) & "</TEXTAREA></TD></TR>"

I tried adding Type=""readonly"" but that did not work.

strControls ="<TEXTAREA NAME=""Notes"" Type=""readonly"" COLS=""40"" ROWS=""5"">" & strSurvey(3) & "</TEXTAREA></TD></TR>"

The beach was nice this morning... - Asked By Robbe Morris on 08-Jun-01 11:22 AM

<TEXTAREA NAME=txtBox READONLY>Contents of my textbox</TEXTAREA>

I'm pretty sure this is supported in IE 4.0 and above.
I'm not 100% certain it's supported in NS.  If not, I don't believe Netscape has an option for this.  You might have to write a JavaScript function to react to KeyPress events.

Beaches are nice...but rare in New Mexico - Asked By Nevyn Campanella on 19-Jul-14 02:28 AM

The answer worked great..did just what I wanted.  I'm not concerned about the browser type used since the project I am working on will never likely go past a pws system which will simply stipulate to the user IE 5.0 or higher and no other.
A few years back I developed a Ham Operator and Repeater tracking software and I am now in the process of attempting to have it work via pws. It is for development of emergency procedures via radio.  I'm sure you didn't need to know all that but since you started with 'beaches' I thought I'd end it with 'ego'.

Sure thing... - Asked By Robbe Morris on 19-Jul-14 02:29 AM

I live about 30 minutes from Daytona Beach, FL.  It was definitely a beautiful morning.
On a side note, do you host your own pages using PWS and your web server software on your own server or are you hosting with someone who supports ASP.  This will be helpful for answering future questions if you have them.
PWS - Asked By Nevyn Campanella on 19-Jul-14 02:29 AM
I'm just using my own computer for pws...I do have my own domain on the web (  Eventually I will distribut a VB package to other hams so that they can set up their own pc's with pws and have club members tie into the pws to access the data bases (repeaters and tracking).
We live about 75 miles from the nearest town.  Jill goes shopping about once a month in Silver City.  Our home is a 37 foot 5th wheel parked in an extremely remote area of the New Mexico mountains.  I rarely drive anymore and spend most of my time in our small 12 space RV park of which I am the manager.
Question - Asked By Robbe Morris on 08-Jun-01 12:48 PM
How will your club members be able to access other club members PWS when you'll have dynamic ip addresses over
Ip address - Asked By Nevyn Campanella on 19-Jul-14 02:30 AM
The plan right now, until I think of something better, is to set up an email list that will go out to club members which will give the current IP address for those pws's that are on line.  I could wish for static ip addresses but that is all but impossible for most of us poor types.
Problematic at best... - Asked By Robbe Morris on 07-Jun-08 09:08 PM
...because they'll likely be assigned a different ip if they get kicked off. Hmmm....Might have to give some thought to that one. Have you ever considered a web enabled Visual Basic app that communicates through a central host (like your domain name Come to think of it, is there a reason your communication application isn't entirely based in ASP .v VB? 
TextArea Readonly - SP replied to Nevyn Campanella on 07-Jun-08 01:35 AM
Try this ::

<textarea cols="20" rows="5" wrap="hard" readonly="yes">
david replied to Nevyn Campanella on 28-Oct-10 08:28 AM
Try this...
strControls ="<TEXTAREA NAME=""Notes"" readonly=""readonly"" COLS=""40"" ROWS=""5"">" & strSurvey(3) & "</TEXTAREA></TD></TR>"