JavaScript - Dynamic Select List opinion - Asked By Heaven's Martini on 20-Jul-14 12:16 AM

I have a pseudo unique issue with a client.  They have a list of counties they deal with on a regular basis.
Typically I make a little "admin" page set that allows them to add/edit the counties, and then on all the forms on the site, build the county list from the database.  No biggy.
Well, this client doesn't want that.  They occasionally go outside of the county lines and do not want the other counties to show up except in these special cases.
I have given them a textbox up to this point, but I hate doing that, because in the legacy app they use now, as they type, the common counties begin to fill in, but they can type over them.
(I have pondered this functionality, but in research it deems a bit ridiculous to even attempt on the web)
So.  I am thinking of a dropdown list of the "common" counties.  then have a small "new" button or something, to load a small popup window with textbox for them to add a "new" entry into the list.  This is relatively simple.
Of course, when editing the record, i will have to write some more hojo code to fill in this "outside county" into the list and select it, no biggy.
Whats your opinion on this?
Is there any roadblocks you know of?
Just trying to activate your forums a bit...

Web-based dynamic selection lists - with "Add" - Asked By Peter Bromberg on 31-Jul-01 08:54 PM

There are a number of ways to create dynamically "updateable" web - page selection lists. Usually the base list is populated via an XML document or recordset on the client, and using client-side DOM methods, we can offer the opportunity to add a "custom" new element into the listbox - again, all on the client side. If you'd like to explore further, post a code sample and somebody will respond with some ideas.