ASP - Remote Scripting...problem - Asked By Heaven's Martini on 20-Jul-14 12:30 AM

I have had Remote Scripting up and working for 4 months or so.  We moved the website to another NT4 box (same service pack).
(I forgot to reinstall the remote scripting files from MS, but the pages and applet were copied over)
Remote Scripting stopped working.
(I then reinstalled the remote scripting files from M$)
I am getting the remote scripting error:page invoked does not support remote scripting.
I copied all pages involved from server with working version.  I have tried all the microsoft fixes.  What am I missing?
The absolutely wonderful M$ help is as helpful as a cane to a person with no arms.
Any ideas, anyone?
I am starting to think about a hidden frames version to loose this headache.
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Version checks? - Asked By Desert Ghost on 02-Aug-01 11:48 AM

I'm not very familar with RS, as I only played with it once and decided it was too much work for too little results.

Which Java Virtual Machine is on that box? To be sure, I'd make sure IE5 is installed on the server... I think you need the VBScript 5+ engine.  Check those and the JVM.

starting to agree with you - Asked By Heaven's Martini on 20-Jul-14 12:31 AM

 Ie 5.5 is on the box.
Its a brand new machine.  ONly real difference I know of is sql server 7 to 2000.
The interesting fact is that its not even getting to the db calling point. My db funcs are global so i just added a db log to see what was going on, nothing at all.
I guess javascript does the body good...????
Any thing else, I put alot of work into this cool Remote scripting, and it worked on the old box.

Remote Scripting... - Asked By Peter Bromberg on 04-Aug-01 08:58 PM

I used to play with remote scripting a lot, then I started using XMLHTTP and it's proved to be a lot more flexible. I've seen one guy's post somewhere of a 100% javascript remote scripting solution that more or less uses hidden IFrames. Search for "JSRS" i think.