ASP - Stock Header Opinions Wanted - Asked By Robbe Morris on 16-Aug-01 01:14 PM

Should the stock header at the top of every page listing the current market indexes be taken off because they look out of place?


Yes - Asked By Desert Ghost on 16-Aug-01 01:24 PM

Since I can't access my OWN stocks and put them on there, I don't really care that they're there.  

Besides, it could be a reminder of how to make us depressed ;)

Nos - Asked By Heaven's Martini on 16-Aug-01 01:26 PM

yeah, send em'

I try to forget how my retirement money is doing right now.

and how about an unanswered question list as well?

since you seem to jump on good suggestions so quickly.

(i think its nice to not have to remember the numbers of posts in each forum or check them constantly.)

Yes, but... - Asked By Patrick Kent on 16-Aug-01 01:31 PM

What about a horizontal scroller that would refresh with not only stocks, but news headlines(linkable into a new window so we don't lose our place) AND the listing of the last posted thread in the current forum...

Sheesh, with all those demands you'd think I was in management...
You aren't the first to request this... - Asked By Robbe Morris on 16-Aug-01 01:34 PM
...would putting a place to enter your favorite ticker symbols in your profile page be sufficient? Then display them in a marque fashion somewhere.
I guess, but why? - Asked By Desert Ghost on 16-Aug-01 01:46 PM
I already have my own stocks and weather on my home page of the Internet (

If I want to check them, I go there... I don't see how having them here ties into programming.

And I'm with HM -- since the recession, I don't want to see how much money I'm losing every day ;)
You'll get your money back... - Asked By Robbe Morris on 16-Aug-01 01:50 PM
...The market runs in cycles.  Give it time.

I hang out here a lot and like to keep track of the market.  I just thought it was convenient to have it here.
Nothing more...Nothing less.
What would be neat though - Asked By Desert Ghost on 16-Aug-01 01:53 PM
If you do decide to keep it up there, show the code example on how you're doing it... that way you could tie it in with programming... or only keep it on the home page, etc.

Yeah, I know it bounces back... I invested in everything high risk with that expectation.  I just don't like seeing it every day ;)
Well, we kinda already have that... - Asked By Robbe Morris on 16-Aug-01 02:02 PM
...It is not my actual code but it essentially does the same thing.

I'm heavy in technology stocks.  But, I got started just as the market was going down.  I should be in great shape when the market goes back up.

On a side note, my pool is finally gonna be done this weekend.  Can't wait!
Ah, okay - Asked By Desert Ghost on 16-Aug-01 02:28 PM
It makes sense when things are shown how they're implemented... otherwise, I don't think "stock" when I come here... I think programming.

I did pretty good a few years ago with stocks... right now, everything is dying down, but I'm still above all my initial investments.  I've got time.

I love my pool!!! Not that much work, but you need to keep up with the chemicals.... oh, and here's a bit of advice: Don't spill Muriatic Acid on anything, including your shoes... it'll take the finish right off (including your skin, if you're unfortunate enough to get it on you)

MA lowers your Ph... you'll be using it a bunch.

Got a picture of it? Thought of spraying "cool deck" around the surface (I HIGHLY recommend this)
I'll post pics - Asked By Robbe Morris on 16-Aug-01 02:36 PM
in the next couple weeks.  They should be done
with the screen encloser and it should be full of water by the time I get home tonight.

The hot tub will be nice too...