ASP - line continuation character sequence - Asked By Joe Barker on 22-Aug-01 05:48 AM

when passing a long string to the response.write method, i am splitting the code onto mulitple lines for readability using the vbscript continuation sequence - '& _'. Is the treated as string concatenation at run-time (and hence increase overhead) or is it resolved at compile time?

Hmmm... - Asked By Robbe Morris on 22-Aug-01 07:17 AM

Because of the concatenation, I would think individual lines of .write would be faster because you are just writing the contents to the buffer.  I never taken the time to test it, but I would think it uses less resources.

  With Response
  End with

hmm - Asked By Heaven's Martini on 20-Jul-14 01:01 AM

Although I don't know the inners of how the compilers work,etc.  

With Vbscript string concatenation, there is a law of diminishing returns when it comes to calling response.write or building a string like you are.

I personally, do not concatenate to much together before calling response.write.  I have read some performance tests that show response.write out performing string concatenation (especially in large strings).  

(i think there was a good test done at

& vs "_" - Asked By Peter Bromberg on 22-Aug-01 09:56 AM

The Ampersand "&" is the VBScript String-continuation character. The Line Continuation character "_" has nothing to do with string concatenation. Its the same as if you had typed everything in one long string.
BTW, VBScript is not compiled, it's interpreted. Switch to VB.NET if you want to see what happens when it really does finally get compiled (hehe)!
The reason - Asked By Desert Ghost on 22-Aug-01 11:57 AM
Peter is dead on with his answer.

The reason VBScript needs a _ to continue a line is because VBScript treats a carriage return as an end of statement... the _ simply tells it to ignore the carriage return on that particular line.

VB and VBScript are the only ones that do this... that's why in JavaScript and the other languages you can write


Though not suggested...
good to know - Asked By Heaven's Martini on 22-Aug-01 01:11 PM
i was thinking that

,when i was on the box about concatenation.

good to know i should believe in my knowledge somewhat.

You must've been happy - Asked By Desert Ghost on 22-Aug-01 01:31 PM
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Shooting things, football and drinking - Asked By Desert Ghost on 20-Jul-14 01:02 AM
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