SQL Server - Import data into SQL Server from Oracle .DMP file

Asked By LaDonna Schneller on 20-Jul-14 01:17 AM
I want to determine how to import data from an Oracle .DMP file created with ORACLE EXP utility into my Microsoft SQL Server database. I read about some 3rd party utility called NXTract. Is there any other way? Any recommendations?

SQL Server DTS - Asked By Robbe Morris on 24-Aug-01 12:42 PM

Doesn't appear to support Oracle export files.  It does support direct database to database imports though.

Short of exporting the Oracle data into another format, I think purchasing a component is the only real alternative here.

Any recommendation for 3rd party tools? - Asked By LaDonna Schneller on 24-Aug-01 12:45 PM

The only one I can find s NXTract.  Are you aware of others?  Which would you recommend?

Not aware of others... - Asked By Robbe Morris on 24-Aug-01 12:47 PM

...I've never needed to port Oracle data to SQL Server.  It has always been with some other format.

I take it the .DMP file is pretty big?

I can try to search around a little.  Pete might
have a suggestion...
Not my choice but a user requirement - Asked By LaDonna Schneller on 20-Jul-14 01:17 AM
This was not my choice, but we developed application using SQL server that requires some data to be retrieved from an Oracle server. We are not directly connected to the box. The people that run the Oracle box originally would run scripts to export the data into comma delimited files for us, and I would use DTS to import the text files, but they will no longer do this. Thus, we must make use of the data via Oracle Dump files that they will provide to us.
Odd... - Asked By Robbe Morris on 24-Aug-01 01:01 PM
You'd think they could simply put in a scheduled job to do this for them.

I've been looking and I don't see another tool that performs this task.  I did find this link thought.  Perhaps the client could just run the script for you.  Ya never know...


I mean, that is what SQL Loader is for...
The data provider client doesn't want extra work - Asked By LaDonna Schneller on 24-Aug-01 01:06 PM
The people providing the data don't want any extra work, so since they are already providing exports of the files using the EXP utility, they just want us to use the same file.  

As far as I can see now, I have no control over this.  I just need to learn how to read in the data from the Oracle DMP file.
Or... - Asked By Robbe Morris on 24-Aug-01 01:13 PM
You could always load it up into Oracle on your own machine and perform it yourself.  You should be able to set up a standard DTS package to make it easy in the future.

Nasty solution I know.  I've been looking and just don't see another solution.  We use both Oracle and SQL Server here at Gartner.  Noone had a better solution...

Sorry.  If I run across one, I'll post it.
If only I had Oracle - Asked By LaDonna Schneller on 24-Aug-01 01:19 PM
We only have SQL Server, so that isn't really an option either.  I wish it was!
Hmmm.... - Asked By Robbe Morris on 20-Jul-14 01:19 AM
I thought Oracle had a developer's edition that was pretty reasonable?
Other than that, I don't know what to tell ya...
Oracle - NTXTRACT - Asked By Peter Bromberg on 24-Aug-01 10:26 PM
There is a product called NTXTract that converts DMP files to TAB-delimited flat text files. As far as getting a copy
of Oracle, I remember they have alway had a kind of "Tech Net" section where you could download or pay a modest shipping fee to get a non-expiring "developer trial" version of most Oracle products. They'll send you the CD in the full box along with manuals and everything. You just can't use it for production work.
importing ORACLE dmp file into sql server 2000 - Asked By lakshman madala on 20-Jul-14 01:18 AM
i want to import the .dmp file data into the sql server 2000
Import data into SQL Server from Oracle .DMP file - SP replied to LaDonna Schneller on 20-Jul-14 01:18 AM
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