ASP - Help with FSO - Asked By Robbe Morris Is My Hero on 20-Jul-14 10:50 AM

I'm having some problems using the OpenTextFile property of the FileSystemObject.  I can create an instance of the Scripting.FileSystemObject object, but as soon as I try to open a text file with the .OpenTextFile() property, the page just hangs.  There is no viewable error or error code, the page just hangs and doesn't load.  I was told this has happened to other people as well while running Win2000 and was wondering if anyone here knows anything about it and how to fix it.
For your reference, I used the FSO code from .  Any help is appreciated,

Post sample code & get responses - Asked By Peter Bromberg on 24-Sep-01 08:32 PM

Sometimes the simplest syntax error escapes us all..

This is repost from a few days ago... - Asked By Robbe Morris on 24-Sep-01 10:14 PM

Check out the previous thread.  I suggested throwing the code in a .vbs file and executing it directly and step through it with msgboxes.  This might highlight a permissions problem or some issue with running under IIS.
Never heard back on the results.